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Could Mortgage Rates Fall Further???

Mortgage rates could be set to fall further after the Bank of England suggested base rate could remain on hold throughout 2016. The BOE warned in its inflation report that the global growth outlook had weakened.

The BOE indication that an increase in base rate may be further off than expected has been viewed as a U-turn after it was suggested in July that the MPC may consider increasing rates at the turn of the year.

When it looks like interest rates might have to rise something else happens globally to derail that, such as the slowdown in China or the fall in oil prices, and therefore cheap mortgage deals should continue to stay low for at least 6 months.

Two year fixed rates may get cheaper and five year fixed rates could reduce further with the addition of low ten year deals.

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Clare Allen.

“Why your house beats the bank”

Investing is all about trading off risk and return. To get high returns, you usually have to risk losing money. Playing it safe means accepting lower returns. With interest rates at rock bottom, life has become a lot tougher for conservative investors in recent years. Hold your money in a savings account and you’ll be lucky even to match the real rate of inflation, let alone get a “real” (after inflation) return.

What if there is a way to get a higher return on your savings, with little risk and NO tax to pay? Well, if you have a mortgage there is. Read the rest of this entry